Meet The Founder: Jennifer Peek

140410_Peek_0043 (1)I started out in the public accounting and auditing world – it went ok, I guess. I was good at it, but it didn’t push my buttons, so to speak.

So when I saw the opportunity to move to an up-and-coming startup, I jumped at the chance.

What I really did enjoy was using my accounting and financial experience to help a small(ish) company take a real stab at making it big in the world.

As fate would have it, that “little company” eventually turned into Sprint PCS (No, I didn’t start it or become an executive with lots of stock options but I did get to see the daily action, energy and fun that the start-up world has to offer.)

What a ride!

But as our mission shifted from scrappy upstart to corporate power, I felt my passion waning.

I loved my time at the company, and my team.

As we broke out of the Fortune 100 into Fortune 50, I was on the fast-track to making it in America.

So Why Leave?

My time in the corporate world was spent doing the mundane, routine accounting things (cue the eye shade and pocket protector)…and on being a go-to person for the accounting side of mergers and acquisitions (more like disco lights and cool music).

This showed me where my real passions laid:

I love the thrill of the chase, the storytelling that breathes life into numbers and abstract operations and the close of the deal.

It was time to move on and do that part more.

I thrive on that: shorter-term projects that require management of many moving pieces and creative solutions to help the company grow.

I love cutting through the noise to so you can tell (or hear) the power behind the business, the guts and the glory.

I help business owners talk about their revenue and costs in a way that buyers can understand and grab on to.

I have a bunch of credentials and degrees that would impress some of you (CPA, MBA, corporate titles…and CVA candidate).  More importantly, I have the real-world experience both personally and professionally.  I’m a venture investor and business owner.  I’ve made money and (ugh) lost it too.  I get it.  This isn’t for the faint of heart.

I can help you turn one of the biggest financial transaction in your life from scariest to most exhiliarating (or in some cases, that you need to walk away).  I have a unique ability for taking a messy situation (ie: most small businesses) and turning them into orderly and compelling presentations that take the noise out and bring the focus in.

It can be tempting to think you can do it yourself with that due diligence checklist you pulled off the website or got handed by a broker.

Don’t settle for the checklist without the expertise.

It’s worth the investment.